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Discovering the Indian Ocean otherwise than by cyclones, that's what I propose you with the blog VOYAGEOI. Presentation of this new blog that will work in addition to CYCLONEOI and should delight lovers of the Indian Ocean or give travel desires.

Voyageoi comA 100% Indian Ocean Blog

The blog VOYAGEOI is the newcomer who integrates the CYCLONEOI network. This time, we enter the heart of the Indian Ocean not to mention the cyclones. Thanks to this blog, you will leave without moving from home, to discover the Indian Ocean with just your computer and or your smartphone.

You will find articles that will present this ocean from many different angles. Themes are proposed to allow you to discover the islands, countries, places, events or stories. You can also find tips and a travel diary that will certainly be useful to those who have planned a trip to the Indian Ocean.

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Finally, if like me you spend a lot of time on social networks, do not forget to subscribe to the Facebook page and the Instagram account, where you will find the most beautiful images of the Indian Ocean that I will have selected for you .

Without further ado, I invite you to visit VOYAGEOI. If you like the articles, then do not hesitate to subscribe to the Newsletter. Lovers of the Indian Ocean should be thrilled and who knows, maybe that will give you travel desires.



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