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Oeil surigae

Different stages of the eye wall replacement cycle of Super typhoon Surigae

On 19/04/2021

The violent Super Typhoon Surigae immediately exploded the competition, taking the provisional first place of the most 2021 intense cyclone. The system also performed a demonstration of an eye wall replacement cycle.

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Typhon surigae

Suriage becomes the first typhoon of the 2021 typhoon season

On 16/04/2021

Surigae became the first typhoon of the 2021 Northwest Pacific typhoon season. The tropical cyclone is still expected to reach a major intensity in the coming days.

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Typhoon vongfong hit philippines

The Philippines directly impacted by Typhoon Vongfong (Ambo)

On 14/05/2020

May 14, 2020: 06 UTC

The 2020 Pacific Northwest typhoon season begins strong. Typhoon Vongfong, the first system of the season, hits the Philippines on the island of Samar and should cross the center and north of the archipelago.

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Typhoon vongfong

Vongfong Launches Typhoon Season 2020 Pacific Northwest

On 13/05/2020

May 13, 2020: 14 UTC

Cyclone Vongfong launches the 2020 typhoon season in the Pacific Northwest. The system is a threat to the Philippines. He became the first typhoon of the season. the cyclone could strengthen before impacting the east of the archipelago.

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Cyclone tropical tino

Tonga directly impacted by tropical cyclone Tino

On 18/01/2020

January 18, 2020: 06 UTC - Tropical cyclone Tino, which is evolving over southwest Pacific, is currently hitting the kingdom of Tonga. The system which passed near the main Fijian islands has been strengthened to reach category 3 on the intensity scale of the Southwest Pacific.

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Risque cyclogene se pacifique sud ouest

Risk of cyclogenesis in the Southwest Pacific this week

On 23/12/2019

December 23, 2019: 06 UTC - Cyclone activity could restart in the coming days in the Pacific Southwest. The main global models suggest the significant development of a low system in northwest Fiji during this week.

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Typhoon Kammuri : Potential extreme threat to the Philippines

On 28/11/2019

November 28, 2019: 06 UTC - The typhoon Kammuri evolving in the Western Pacific, left to become a powerful and virulent cyclone. The track forecasts are unfavorable for the Philippines.

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Cyclone winston

Southwest Pacific: 5 to 8 named storms for the 2019/2020 cyclone season

On 16/10/2019

October 16, 2019: The RSMC Nadi, Fiji, has published its cyclone outlook for the 2019/2020 season in the Southwest Pacific. Between 5 to 8 storms could be named of which 2 to 4 could reach category 3 or more.

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Destruction chiba hagibis

Why is Japan often the target of typhoons and storms in 2019?

On 13/10/2019

October 13, 2019: 11 UTC - Typhoon Hagibis generated torrential rains over Japan, beating many rainfall records. For the moment, there are 14 fatalities and many missing. Hagibis is the 7th system to directly or indirectly affect the main Japanese islands.

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Track typhoon hagibis 1

Typhoon Hagibis: imminent impact on Japan, Tokyo is getting ready

On 12/10/2019

October 12, 2019: 06 UTC - Typhoon Hagibis is on final approach to Japan. The impact is imminent and should take place in the coming hours on Honshu Island. The trajectory makes the cyclone should pass near or over the megacity Tokyo.

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Super typhonn hagibis japan

Powerful Super Typhoon Hagibis toward Japan and Tokyo

On 10/10/2019

October 10, 2019: 05 UTC - The Super Typhoon Hagibis makes resistance by maintaining a particularly high intensity. The powerful cyclone continues to head to Japan and a direct impact on Honshu and the Tokyo metropolitan area during this weekend is expected.

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Super Typhoon Hagibis strengthens and heads to Japan

On 09/10/2019

October 9, 2019: 05 UTC - The Super Typhoon Hagibis has strengthened again reaching for the 2nd time the equivalent of a category 5 on the scale of Saffir Simpson. A direct impact over Japan during this weekend remains the most likely scenario.

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Super typhoon hagibis track

Powerful Super Typhoon Hagibis is a serious threat for Japan

On 08/10/2019

October 8, 2019: 06 UTC - The powerful Super Typhoon Hagibis crossed the Mariana Islands last night. He is now heading for Japan with a possible impact this weekend.

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Typhoon hagibis

Hagibis should become an extremely aggressive typhoon

On 07/10/2019

October 7, 2019: 04 UTC - The typhoon Hagibis that evolves in the Pacific Northwest will cross the Marianas. The cyclone that should become one of the most powerful of the season represents a potential threat for Japan.

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A powerful typhoon coming in the Pacific Northwest ?

On 05/10/2019

October 05, 2019: 05 UTC - Global models are agree for the formation of a powerful typhoon in the Pacific Northwest, over the next few days. This system is expected to cross the Mariana Islands early next week

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Hyper activite ouragan

Hyper cyclonic activity in East Pacific and North Atlantic

On 18/09/2019

September 18, 2019: 12 UTC - Hyper cyclonic activity in the East Pacific and Atlantic. At least 6 storms or hurricanes are tracked by the National Hurricane Hunter. And it is not excluded that other system are formed over the next few days.

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Tyhon faxai tokyo

Tokyo megacity will be impacted by typhoon Faxai

On 08/09/2019

September 8, 2019: 09 UTC - The typhoon Faxai which evolves in the Pacific Northwest tracked towards Tokyo. The center of the cyclone is expected to directly impact the region of the world's most populated agglomeration tonight.

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Lingling faxai

Typhoon Lingling strikes Korea, typhoon Faxai toward Japan

On 07/09/2019

September 7, 2019: 06 UTC - Typhoon Linling hit North Korea coast this morning. At the same time, Typhoon Faxai, which is expected to strengthen significantly, is a serious threat to Japan.

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The powerful typhoon Lingling threatens the Korean peninsula

On 05/09/2019

September 5, 2019: 10 UTC - The eye of typhoon Lingling crossed the Japanese islands of Miyako. At the same time, the cyclone has strengthened and generates gusts of 240 km/h near the eye. The next target could be the Korean peninsula. A second storm called Faxai that could landfall over Japan is under surveillance.

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Typhoon linling

Ryukyu Islands and Korea Peninsula threatened by Typhoon Lingling

On 04/09/2019

September 4, 2019: 07 UTC - The typhoon Lingling that evolves in the Pacific Northwest threatens the Japanese islands Ryukyu and Korea Peninsula. This system is expected to become a dangerous tropical cyclone in the next 24h.