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Super cyclonic tauktae

Tropical cyclone Tauktae: inevitable impact tonight on Gujarat

On 17/05/2021

Tropical Cyclone Tauktae in Arabian Sea will landfall over indian coast of Gujarat evening. The impact area is expected between Porbandar and Mahuva.

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Cyclogenese ocean indien nord 1

Context becoming favorable for cyclogenesis in Northern Indian Ocean

On 10/05/2021

Mid-term forecasts suggest an increased risk of cyclogenesis in southeastern Arabian Sea at the end of the week or early next week.

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Cyclone nisarga

Maximum alert for the West Indian coasts hit by Nisarga

On 03/06/2020

03 June 2020: 05 UTC

The coastal regions of western India will be directly impacted by Nisarga. The landfall point should be located south of Mumbai (Bombay). This is only the third direct impact for Maharashtra​ since 1891.

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Tropical storm nisarga

Megacity of Mumbai under the threat of a possible tropical storm

On 02/06/2020

02 June 2020: 05 UTC

A tropical storm could emerge in Arabian Sea in the coming hours. The system would pose a potential threat to the west coasts of the Indian peninsula. A landfall near the megacity Mumbai (Bombay) is expected.

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Cyclogenesis arabian sea

Depression over Oman and potential cyclogenesis over Arabian sea

On 30/05/2020

May 30, 2020: 05 UTC

Coastal regions of the Arabian Peninsula are affected by torrential rain associated with a tropical depression. These rains mainly concern the Sultanate of Oman and Yemen. Off India, a suspect area could evolve into a tropical storm in the coming days.

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Cyclone amphan impact today

Cyclone Amphan: India and Bangladesh prepare for impact

On 20/05/2020

May 20, 2020: 06 UTC

Tropical cyclone Amphan will strike. Landfall is scheduled for the end of the day or overnight over south of Calcutta. The storm surge could cause an abnormal rise of sea level and cause flooding in areas directly affected by the core of the cyclone.

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Cyclone amphan inde

Why the impact of cyclone Amphan is potentially catastrophic ?

On 19/05/2020

19 May 2020: 06 UTC

The powerful tropical cyclone Amphan has temporarily weakened due to a eyewall replacement cycle. The system continues to approach the coasts of West Bengal and Bangladesh. Landfall in south of Calcutta is expected Wednesday.

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Super cyclone amphan india

Amphan, a potentially devastating cyclone for India or Bangladesh

On 18/05/2020

18 May 2020: 07 UTC

As expected, Amphan has become a powerful and dangerous tropical cyclone inside Bay of Bengal. Intensity and track forecast is particulary disturbing for the North East India or Bangladesh, with a potentially devastating impact.

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Tropical cyclone amphan

Amphan has the potential to become a powerful tropical cyclone

On 17/05/2020

May 17, 2020: 08 UTC

Amphan is the first system of the 2020 hurricane season in the North Indian Ocean. It has the potential to become a powerful and dangerous tropical cyclone. Landfall is expected in the middle of next week over West Bengal or Bangladesh

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Fy2h large 1

Future tropical storm Amphan, potential threat for India and Bangladesh

On 16/05/2020

May 16, 2020: 07 UTC

The 2020 hurricane season of the North Indian Ocean is launched. The future Amphan storm is forming in the Bay of Bengal and represents a serious potential threat to India and Bangladesh.

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Activite cyclonique ocean indien nord

High risk of tropical storm formation in Bay of Bengal

On 13/05/2020

May 13, 2020: 06 UTC

The probability of cyclogenesis for the next 5 days is high in the North Indian Ocean. The suspect zone 91B located in the Southeast sector of the Bay of Bengal could widen significantly with the possibility of the formation of a tropical storm at the end of the week or this Weekend.

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Cyclogenesis probability indian ocean

The risk of cyclogenesis increases in Bay of Bengal

On 30/04/2020

April 30, 2020: 11 UTC

The latest trends show an increased risk of a tropical storm formation in Bay of Bengal. A cyclogenesis could take place in the first part of next week in Andaman and Nicobar's area.

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Cyclogenesis bay of bengal

Potential risk of cyclogenesis in Bay of Bengal in the coming days

On 28/04/2020

April 28, 2020: 09 UTC

The context is favorable to cyclone activity in the Indian Ocean. An active phase of the Madden-Julian oscillation could increase the risk of cyclogenesis in the Bay of Bengal, and launch the 2020 North Indian Ocean cyclonic season.

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Cyclone bulbul

Bulbul will impact the shores of West Bengal and Bangladesh

On 09/11/2019

November 9, 2019: 07 UTC - The tropical cyclone Bulbul will impact the shores of West Bengal and Bangladesh late in the day and into the night. Bulbul will still be a strong storm at the moment of impact despite an expected weakening.

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Tropical cyclone bulbul

Bangladesh is threatened by Cyclone Bulbul

On 08/11/2019

November 8, 2019: 09 UTC - Cyclone Bulbul evolving in the Bay of Bengal is a serious threat for Bangladesh. A direct impact on this country particularly exposed to the risk of storm surge is expected during this weekend.

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Maha matmo forecast

India encircled by Maha and Ex-Matmo which is reinforced over Bay of Bengal

On 06/11/2019

November 6, 2019: 07 UTC - The North Indian Ocean continues to be active. India is encircled by the storm Maha which should end its race over Gujarat and by Ex-Matmo which is reinforced in the Bay of Bengal.

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Kyarr maha

Busy cyclonic activity in the Arabian Sea with Kyarr and Maha

On 31/10/2019

October 31, 2019: 05 UTC - The cyclonic activity in the Arabian Sea is busy with two simultaneous systems. Kyarr continues to weaken towards Socotra, while Maha, who was recently named, is expected to strengthen and move toward Arabian Peninsula.

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Kyarr 99b

Kyarr weakens and a new cyclogenesis in the Lakshadweep-Maldives area

On 30/10/2019

October 30, 2019: 05 UTC - Cyclone activity continues in the Arabian Sea with two centers of interest. In the North, Kyarr continues to lose intensity, while in the Southeast, a new cyclogenesis is in progress in the Lakshadweep-Maldives area.

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Cyclone kyarr and 99a

Kyarr weakens while a new cyclogenesis is in sight over Arabian Sea

On 29/10/2019

29 October 2019: 04 UTC - Kyarr who made the show in recent days begins to weaken. A new cyclogenesis could start in the second half of the week from suspect area 99A located in southwestern of Sri Lanka.

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Super cyclone kyarr

Kyarr a rare case of Super Cyclonic Storm in the Arabian Sea

On 28/10/2019

October 28, 2019: 06 UTC - Kyarr became Sunday 27th an impressive Super Cyclonic Storm, which corresponds to the top of the intensity scale in the North Indian Ocean. The future of the cyclone is very uncertain. Where will he go? This is the question everyone is asking today.