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Lorenzo track europe

Lorenzo crosses the Azores and heads for the United Kingdom

On 02/10/2019

October 02, 2019: 05 UTC - Hurricane Lorenzo, which continues to weaken, has transited closer to the archipelago of the Azores. Rapid transition to a powerful post-tropical/extratropical cyclone is expected. The system is heading now from the UK and landfall is expected over Ireland.

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Hurricane lorenzo 2

Hurricane Lorenzo enters the cyclonic history of the North Atlantic

On 27/09/2019

September 27, 2019: 05 UTC - With an intensity of 125 kt and a minimum central pressure of 939 hPa, Hurricane Lorenzo enters the cyclonic history of the North Atlantic. Never had such a powerful system been observed on the eastern basin since the beginning of the satellite era. 

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Hurricane lorenzo 1

Lorenzo close to being a powerful hurricane category 4

On 26/09/2019

September 26, 2019: 12 UTC - Lorenzo continues to strengthen in the North Atlantic and became the 3rd major hurricane of the 2019 season. It is now a dangerous tropical cyclone close to category 4. Gusts near the eye are of 135 kt according NHC.

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Lorenzo, 5th hurricane of the 2019 North Atlantic cyclone season

On 25/09/2019

September 25, 2019: 11 UTC - Lorenzo became the 5th hurricane of the 2019 hurricane season. The system is still expected to become a large and major hurricane in the coming days while evolving on the eastern and central Atlantic. 

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Hurricane lorenzo

Storm Lorenzo could become a large and powerful hurricane

On 24/09/2019

September 24, 2019: 11 UTC - The tropical storm Lorenzo evolving in the North Atlantic has the potential to become a major hurricane in the coming days. If any risk to Lesser Antilles seems to be ruled out, it could eventually get closer to the Azores.

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Hyper activite ouragan

Hyper cyclonic activity in East Pacific and North Atlantic

On 18/09/2019

September 18, 2019: 12 UTC - Hyper cyclonic activity in the East Pacific and Atlantic. At least 6 storms or hurricanes are tracked by the National Hurricane Hunter. And it is not excluded that other system are formed over the next few days.

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Humberto storm will become a hurricane and threaten Bermuda

On 15/09/2019

September 15, 2019: 10 UTC - Tropical Storm Humberto slowly moves away from the Bahamas. It should become a hurricane and track toward Bermuda. Florida is expected to stay away from Humberto.

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Tropical storm humberto

Humberto near the Bahamas and tropical waves in East of Lesser Antilles

On 14/09/2019

September 14, 2019: 10 UTC - The North Atlantic Basin is currently active. In addition to tropical storm Humberto moving near the Bahamas, several suspect areas are heading to tLesser Antilles. It is not excluded that one of them can significantly developed.

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Risque ouragan humberto

Future tropical storm Humberto in the North Atlantic?

On 12/09/2019

September 12, 2019: 19 UTC - A tropical disturbance is under surveillance in the North Atlantic. The system that should cross the Bahamas Archipelago could become a depression or a tropical storm over the next 24 or 48 hours.

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Dorian 94l

Dorian near Carolina and suspect area 94L under surveillance

On 06/09/2019

September 6, 2019: 11 UTC - Hurricane Dorian transits near of the North Carolina coast. At the same time, a suspect area numbered 94L, located in the Cape Verde region is under surveillance.

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Oeil dorian hope town

Surreal image of the eye of Hurricane Dorian captured in Hope Town

On 06/09/2019

September 6, 2019: 05 UTC - Surreal image of the eye of Hurricane Dorian captured from Abaco Island. This image was taken by hurricane chaser Jim Edds on September 02 in Hope Town, located in the north of Elbow Cay Island which was the first island impacted by the eye wall.

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Dorian destruction

Frightful images of post-hurricane Dorian in Abaco Island

On 05/09/2019

September 5, 2019: 06 UTC - The aerial images of the Abacos Islands show the extent of the disaster. The terrible hurricane Dorian he grinded northern Bahamas. The latest human toll reports at least 20 fatalities.

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Dorian 3

Absolute desolation at Abaco Island after Hurricane Dorian

On 03/09/2019

September 03, 2019: 12 UTC - The images of destruction in the North of the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian are impressive. The Abacos Islands are ravaged and we are waiting for the hurricane to be removed to know the extent of the disaster in Grand Bahama. At the same time, the morbid count began.

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Maree de tempe te

Impressive catastrophic storm surge in Grand Bahama

On 02/09/2019

September 02, 2019: 14 UTC - The eye of Hurricane DORIAN is blocked over Grand Bahama, aggravating the storm surge on the island. The storm surge is 5 to 7m above normal tide levels with higher destructive waves.

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Dorian bahamas 1

Eye of powerful hurricane Dorian over Grand Bahama Island

On 02/09/2019

September 02, 2019: 07 UTC - Ferocious hurricane Dorian continues his destructive course through Atlantic. After sowing chaos on the Abacos Islands, the eye of the powerful cyclone crosses slowly Grand Bahama from east to west. It's probably a terrifying night on the island.

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Dorian eye bahamas

Impressive video of hurricane Dorian's violence in the Bahamas

On 01/09/2019

September 01, 2019: 17 UTC - Dorian has become a hurricane with absolute violence. It's now a category 5, which represents the top of Saffir Simpson's intensity scale. The eye of this monster is currently over Abaco Island. Dorian is the stongest hurricane ever on modern record over the Bahamas according to NHC.​

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Dorian bahamas

The Bahamas hit by the terrifying hurricane Dorian with gusts of 160 kt

On 01/09/2019

September 01, 2019 : 13 UTC - The powerful and violent hurricane DORIAN hit the northern Bahamas. Wind gusts in the eye wall is estimated to 160 kt.. The impact is going to be terrifying for Abaco soon and Grand Bahama Island.

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Ouragan dorian

Dorian a powerful and dangerous hurricane with max winds of 120 kt (140 mph)

On 31/08/2019

August 31, 2019: 10 UTC - Dorian has become a powerful and violent category 4 hurricane. The cloud pattern of the cyclone is very impressive. With max winds of 120 kt (140 mph), is strongest winds for Hurricane Atlantic during August since Gustav in 2008 according to Philip Klotzbach.

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Dorian iles vierges

Hurricane Dorian : Rapid intensification could occur soon

On 29/08/2019

August 29, 2019: 11 UTC - Dorian has slapped virgin islands who have experienced cyclonic conditions. The hurricane is expected strengthening again and rapid intensification could occur. It should become first major hurricane of 2019 season.

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Dorian 2

DORIAN could become a dangerous Category 3 hurricane

On 28/08/2019

28 August 2019: 16 UTC - DORIAN would he be revealing his true nature? A moribund system not long ago, it could become a cat.3 major hurricane before approaching Florida in the next few days. In this moment, DORIAN cross virgin islands and should pass near Puerto Rico.