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Sultanate of Oman hit by tropical cyclone Hikaa

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September 25, 2019: 08 UTC - The tropical cyclone Hikaa has as expected landfall over the Sultanate of Oman last night. The remains of the cyclone is rapidly weakening over the desert of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Tropical cyclone Hikaa struck the Sultanate of Oman late Tuesday, 24 September. As expected, the center of the cyclone landfall around 15 UTC over the coast of Oman near Duqm. The system, which had previously intensified more than expected, becoming a cyclone of intensity equivalent to a category 2, weakened before the impact. The consequences of the phenomenon were therefore relatively limited according to the Oman Meteorological Center.

Hikaa is now weakening very quickly, over the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. Although any cyclone danger is ruled out, indirect effects related to the remains of the system continue to impact AL-Wusta, Dhofar and Al-hajar. In addition, the sea along the southern coastal areas of Al-Sharqiya and Al-Wusta is still strongly agitated with waves of a height between 2 and 3m.

A little over a year after Mekunu

The tropical cyclone Mekunu in May 2018, is the latest system to hit Oman. The impact had occurred much further south, near Salalah. The cyclone that had generated an unusual rain event for the region contributed to the formation of a multitude of lakes in the Rub'al-Khali Desert. An unusual situation that was at the time the happiness of camel owners.


Source: met.gov.om

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