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Ryukyu Islands and Korea Peninsula threatened by Typhoon Lingling

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September 4, 2019: 07 UTC - The typhoon Lingling that evolves in the Pacific Northwest threatens the Japanese islands Ryukyu and Korea Peninsula. This system is expected to become a dangerous tropical cyclone in the next 24h.

Miyako Islands hit Thursday?

Cyclone activity in the Pacific Northwest is marked by typhoon Lingling. The system that is located south of the Sakishima archipelago should cross the Ryukyu Islands in the next 24 to 36 hours. The Miyako Islands seem the most exposed to the cyclone threat. A passage near or over the islands is suggested during Thursday. Everything will depend on the track of the typhoon over the next 24 hours. A turn towards Northward is expected, which would bring the center of Miyako closer.

A rapid intensification is not excluded by the JTWC due to favorable environmental conditions. According to the Tokyo Cyclone Center, Lingling could be a dangerous tropical cyclone as it crosses the Ryukyu Islands. In case of a passage less than 100 km away, Miyako could experience severe cyclone conditions. The maximum intensity is expected for Saturday. The winds gusts at this time that could be near or exceed 210 km/h.

Threat for Korean Peninsula?

Subsequently, Lingling should continue in the East China Sea and enter the Yellow Sea early in the weekend. The latest trajectory forecasts suggest a potential threat to the Korean peninsula. A landfall over the west coast of South Korea or North Koera is possible for Saturday. Given Howevern, this forecast is to be taken with caution. The error margin at 72h is high and changes can occur by then.


Source: RSMC Tokyo / JTWC


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