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MEKUNU intensified into a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm

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MEKUNU rapidly intensified into a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (hurricane stage) according New Delhi Cyclone Center. Environmental conditions remain favorable to the intensification and landfall over Oman south coast is expected saturday morning.

First tropical cyclone of the cyclonic season 2018

MEKUNU has continued to intensify rapidly today. The system that was baptized last night, became the first tropical cyclone of the 2018 hurricane season of the North Indian Ocean. The system has developed an eye and the structure continue to improved.

The phenomenon that has redressed its track towards north northwest, will pass closer to the eastern coast of Socotra in the coming hours. The island is located in the navigable semicircle, which should limit the impact of MEKUNU.

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On this track, the tropical cyclone will move directly to Arabian Peninsula while continuing to intensify, taking advantage of environmental conditions favorable to its strengthening.

Dangerous tropical cyclone

It's potentially a dangerous tropical cyclone that could hit the coast of Oman on Saturday morning according to the RSMC New Delhi. The sultanate has not been directly impacted since tropical cyclone PHET in June 2010.


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