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Lorenzo crosses the Azores and heads for the United Kingdom

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October 02, 2019: 05 UTC - Hurricane Lorenzo, which continues to weaken, has transited closer to the archipelago of the Azores. Rapid transition to a powerful post-tropical/extratropical cyclone is expected. The system is heading now from the UK and landfall is expected over Ireland.

Lorenzo track europeThe Azores archipelago swept by Lorenzo

As expected, hurricane Lorenzo crossed the western portion of the Azores. The center of the cyclone passed near Flores and Corvo islands, which probably had hurricane conditions and a massive cyclonic swell. Lorenzo probably was a category 2 hurricane at the time of the passage closer to the archipelago.

According to Philip Klotzbach, 9 hurricanes have crossed the Azores since 1900, with Gordon in 2002 being the most recent. A red weather warning for strong wind and strong swell is underway on the western and central part of the archipelago.

The convective activity of the hurricane is eroding rapidly. Lorenzo who evolves on increasingly cold waters is weakening. It should soon begin its extra-tropical transition and lose its tropical characteristics. It is a classic and powerful extra-tropical storm that is expected to track toward Ireland over the next 48 hours.

Stormy conditions ahead for Ireland

The system could bring stormy conditions to the UK. Strong wind isexpected for western Ireland with a risk of coastal gales developing to the Northern Ireland and western Scotland on Thursday and Wales and south-west England on Friday according MetOffice. The Lorenzo episode could definitely end with its dissipation Friday or during this weekend.

As for France, the impact should be limited to the arrival of an energetic swell on the Atlantic coast and a strengthening of the wind on the channel coasts on Friday. But in any case, there is no risk of a hurricane hitting for Western Europe.


Source: NHC // Philip Klotzbach // RealEarth

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