Dorian eye bahamas

Impressive video of hurricane Dorian's violence in the Bahamas

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September 01, 2019: 17 UTC - Dorian has become a hurricane with absolute violence. It's now a category 5, which represents the top of Saffir Simpson's intensity scale. The eye of this monster is currently over Abaco Island. Dorian is the stongest hurricane ever on modern record over the Bahamas according to NHC.​

It's a cyclone like we rarely see. With an intensity of 160 kt and a minimum central pressure of 913 mb, Dorian enters into the category of absolute monsters. It is now a category 5, which is the top of Saffir Simpson's intensity scale. Wind gust near the eye are simply terrifying with 190 kt. Unfortunately, the hurricane probably reached its max intensity when crossing the North Bahamas.

Unsurprisingly, catastrophic hurricane conditions are occurring in the Abacos Islands and will spread across Grand Bahama Island later today and tonight. The eye of the cyclone crosses the center of the Abaco Islands at Marsh Harbor. Please, do not venture out, as winds will suddenly increase as the eye passes. Dorian is the stongest hurricane ever on modern record over the Bahamas according to NHC.

Subsequently, the hurricane is expected to slow down sharply. He should stay on Grand Bahama all day Monday. The island will be exposed for a long time to paroxysmal hurricanes conditions. Dorian's move away from the North Bahamas will probably be Monday night, when the northern track will be effective. the hurricane center will approach the east coast of Florida Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dorian eye bahamas

Landfall over Florida or not ? There is a high uncertainty with the track forecast. According NHC, the trend is that Dorian tracked northern very closely of the peninsula. So, life-threatening storm surge and dangerous hurricane-force winds are possible along portions of the Florida east coast through mid-week. A Hurricane Watch and Storm Surge Watch is in force for this area.


Source : NHC

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