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Future tropical storm Humberto in the North Atlantic?

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September 12, 2019: 19 UTC - A tropical disturbance is under surveillance in the North Atlantic. The system that should cross the Bahamas Archipelago could become a depression or a tropical storm over the next 24 or 48 hours.

Tropical disturbance

Risque ouragan humberto

This is the peak of the hurricane season in the North Atlantic and the systems follow one another. This active September saw 3 phenomena including the terrible hurricane Dorian. Currently, a tropical disturbance located over Bahamas archipelago is under surveillance. The poorly organized disturbance has the potential to become a depression or a tropical storm over the next 24 to 48 hours. There is a possibility that it becomes the future storm Humberto.

The National Hurricane Center is keeping a close eye on this disturbance, which is track Northwestward toward North West of Bahamas and Florida. The agency warns that it is not excluded that Tropical Cyclone advisories could needed later Thursday or Friday. This low brings heavy rain and gusts over part of the Bahamas until Friday, including the northwestern parts of the archipelago affected by Hurricane Dorian. An aerial investigation should help to know more about this disturbance.

Tropical wave west of Cape Verde

A tropical wave in the west of Cabo Verde Islands is also in the viewfinder of the NHC. This suspect area is still poorly organized. However, it is under surveillance due to some models forecast a significant development in the next week. The wave is expected track westward and approach the Lesser Islands. The formation chance of this wave into a tropical depression are currently estimated at 40% for the next 5 days.


Source: NHC

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