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Absolute desolation at Abaco Island after Hurricane Dorian

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September 03, 2019: 12 UTC - The images of destruction in the North of the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian are impressive. The Abacos Islands are ravaged and we are waiting for the hurricane to be removed to know the extent of the disaster in Grand Bahama. At the same time, the morbid count began.

Chaos !

The images coming from the North of the Bahamas are terrifying. They confirm that the Abacos Islands were directly impacted by the eyewall of a violent category 5 hurricane (very intense cyclone). Gusts that probably approached or exceeded 300 km/h, plunged Abaco into chaos. Almost everything is destroyed. Trees that did not fall lost their leaves completely and many cars were returned as toys. It looks like a nuclear bomb had hit the area. Dorian is the worst cyclone in the history of the Bahamas. This images remind IRMA in the Lesser Antilles in september 2017.

The first human toll reports at least 5 deaths. This number will increase over the next few days. The situation on the neighboring island of Grand Bahama was just as appalling. In addition to the destructive winds, a catastrophic storm surge literally submerges the island, which leaves the fear for the worst after the hurricane. Currently, the island of Grand Bahama continue to be affect by violent winds and storm surge.

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The nightmare could end when the hurricane will decide to move. It should begin a northward shift late today or at night from Tuesday to Wednesday. This would finally allow the population of Grand Bahama to end this unusual cyclonic episode. Note that at the same time, Dorian begins to weak. The cloud pattern is degraded, possibly due to increased shear.

Dorian could not landfall over Florida but...

The forecast is unchanged. The cyclone, which remains a major hurricane (intense cyclone), is expected to move northward along the east coast of the Florida peninsula. A dangerous storm surge and strong winds are expected along the east coast of Florida, the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina, regardless of the exact track of the center of Dorian, warns the National Hurricane Center.

The agency says sea levels could begin to rise before the arrival of strong winds. Finally, the threat of flash floods will increase today and tonight on the Florida Peninsula, then spread to the southeastern and central Atlantic coasts in the middle and weekends.

Caution is therefore required. In Singer Island (Florida), a couple was surprised by the cyclonic swell (look the video above). Fortunately, everything ends well. Angry nature is a show that can kill.


Source : NHC

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